Redbridge Dyslexia Support Group

About Us

The Redbridge Dyslexia Support Group is a voluntarily run organisation, run by parents and teachers of children with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.  Our aim is to support individuals, families and professionals who have an interest in this area.

The group was formed in 1997. We hold free public meetings (at least once a year) about issues of interest.

We operate a free helpline (with answer-phone) and a webpage.

We have run a Saturday club for families of dyslexia children where parents/carers could meet a local adviser.

We were awarded £2000 from Capital Radio's 'Help a London Child' and were able to offer subsidised places on a 'Touch, Type, Read and Spell' course, which operated in partnership with the Redbridge Teachers' Centre.

We have been awarded two grants (over £45,000) by the Government financed 'Children's Fund' (2003-2006). This has allowed us to employ 2 dyslexia consultants who have trained a number of teachers and LSAs across the Borough of Redbridge, to recognise dyslexia and teach them in small groups.

This project has operated in over 15 schools in the borough. It received a good report by external evaluaters. The children found the lessons fun and made good progress with reading and spelling. There is a measurable increase in self-esteem.

We have a track record of successful bids for grants from a range of sources. This enables us to apply for more grants, but need more members on our steering group committee to allow us to run more projects.

This is mainly an answer-phone service, but they will try to return the calls as quickly as possible.


020 8554 5889 (Ruth)
07534 990 973 (Maureen)